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Emergency Septic System Situation

An emergency septic situation occurs when sewage backs up into a shower or tub (usually the lowest port in the entire system). If the backup occurs at a higher point (upstairs or a sink or toilet you should call a plumber as you most likely have an in-home blockage.) A variety of situations can cause a sewage backup into a bath or shower to occur (see Problems).

Depending on the cause of the backup, you may be able to continue to use your system on a reduced basis depending on how quickly the sewage recedes.

  • Don't do dishes or laundry
  • Take quick showers versus baths.
  • Don't use your garbage disposal.
  • Turn off any leaking toilets.

Aerobic System Alarms - Aerobic systems utilize electric pumps which fail from time to time. Alarms will usually go off before there is a backup in the system. They also have float valves that will warn when a tank is approaching capacity. First try resetting the circuit breakers on the alarm and on the in home electric service panel for the circuit that supplies electricity to the aerobic system. If the alarm persists, follow the procedure above and schedule a service call by returning to Service Calls.

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