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Septic System Pumping

PLEASE NOTE: We service only Collin County, Texas. If your site is located outside our service area contact your county health department for a list of approved septic system installers.

All septic systems eventually require pumping. Holding tanks do a good job of processing human waste but a poor job of processing effulent from kitchen disposals and washing machines. Eventually tanks fill up with material that fails to dissolve properly and the system backs up. At this point there is no reasonable alternative except to pump the material out of the tanks.

The pumping process requires a special truck that can both pump the waste out of your tank and safely transport it to an authorized waste disposal site. Depending on the installation of your system, access ports may be buried below ground level and will require locating. This usually involves some degree of digging to expose the access ports. Expect your service technician to inspect the baffels at each end of the tanks and the tanks themselves to determine whether they remain servicable. If the baffels are broken they will need to be replaced in order for the tanks to function properly and to avoid potential damage to the wastewater distribution system. Under normal circumstances the technician can handle this repair during the pumping service call. Partial or complete collapse of tanks is possible if heavy machinery has been moving above the tanks. This is an especially common occurance when plastic tanks have been installed. In the event of tank collapse, the technician will recommend replacement of the tanks. This will require scheduling a new system installation.

If a service provider from another firm has told you that you need your tanks pumped but that they do not provide this service, feel free to contact us to schedule the service.

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